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Icompli™ FAQ's

In this section, you will find the answers to common
questions related to the Icompli™ product.

Compliance visibility is the recognised gap between compliance operations/functions being performed, and how those activities are communicated through a visual medium. Icompli™ works with existing products/systems by adding a distinct layer of visibility and custom reporting. Many systems are limited by their ability to display operations occuring "behind-the-scenes". Icompli™ brings those operations to the forefront by allowing administrators to craft a custom compliance experience.
Standard badges provide a small ammount of static information. Icompli™ provides a custom visibility experience. From a selection of badge shapes and colors to designing what data is associated with the badge, Icompli™ is drastically different and provides levels of customization simply unavailable in other products.
Managed Service Providers who offer cybersecurity services, training organizations which offer cybersecurity certification, and independent cybersecurity professionals.
Prices vary depending on the scope of your implementation. Book a demo today to get a free quote.
These are the three primary/major distinctions between existing products and Icompli™:

1. Dynamic reporting capability that allows Icompli™ customers (MSP's) to design and customize a compliance report with specific details including the name of the company providing the compliance service, the compliance type, the individual certifying the compliance, the name of the company receiving the compliance certification/compliance activity, and compliance timeframe (the period the compliance is valid for). MSP's can design a custom report showing information specifically relevant to the compliance activity or customer receiving the service.

2. Color-coded Compliance timeframe is associated with each individual badge (compliance icon/ compli-con ™). When creating the compli-con, the user will specify the compliance period for which the compliance certification is valid for. Once the compli-con is deployed to a website, the QR code is initially green, indicating the customer is in compliance. When the compliance period hits a warning date, the QR code changes to yellow. Upon expiration, the code changes black. The compliance period can be updated at any time by the administrator, in order to reset the compliance sequence.

3. Mouse-over data. On mouseover (when a user moves his mouse over the compli-con) embedded security data will show on-screen. Mouse-over data displays the provider (MSP performing the certification or compliance activity), the compliance type, and a unique serial number associated with each individual compli-con.
Icompli™ "compliance icons (compli-cons ™)" can be used in website footers, on payment forms, email signatures and on physical documents.

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